Obtain Visa and Working Permit for Iran

Obtain Visa and Working Permit for Iran image August 19, 2016

As a foreign entrepreneur, you will not be authorized to work in Iran, unless you obtain an entry visa and a working permit.

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Representation in Iranian Courts

Representation in Iranian Courts image August 19, 2016

The courts in Iran are classified by the area of jurisdiction (civil or criminal) and according to the level of the litigation or crime.

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Tax Planning for Your Business in Iran

Tax Planning for Your Business in Iran image July 11, 2016

Two of the biggest tax concerns, as an entrepreneur in Iran, are usually paying less for taxes and reducing the administration personnel that is involved in paying them.

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Debt Collection in Iran

Debt Collection in Iran image May 11, 2016

Debt collection in Iran is a stately effort made by a business to collect a payment that is past due.

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Company Registration in Iran

Company Registration in Iran image May 9, 2016

Here is a list of the main steps that need to be followed in order to register a business in Iran.

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Company Liquidation in Iran

Company Liquidation in Iran image May 6, 2016

The request for dissolution or liquidation of a company in Iran has to be submitted to the Corporate and Non-Commercial Institution Registration Bureau, the governmental authority that registers all legal entities in Iran.

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Opening a Business in Iran

Opening a Business in Iran image May 4, 2016

Iran represents the second strongest economy in the Middle East, with an estimated nominal GDP of $397bn last year.

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