Company Registration in Iran

Updated on Monday 27th June 2016

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Here is a list of the main steps that need to be followed in order to register a business in Iran. The list contains the procedures, the period of time and the cost concerning opening a commercial or industrial company with 10 to 50 employees and a start-up capital of 10 times the gross income per capita of the national economy, which was valued at USD 12,800 in 2013.

Stages of Company Registration in Iran 

The stages of a company registration in Iran are as follows:

1.    Acquire a criminal record approval from the Police Electronic Service Centers of Iran for all the managers of the business for the company registration in Iran.
•    time required: approximately five days;
•    costs involved: IRR 50,000 (USD 1.65) for each criminal record.
2.    Book a unique name for the company, incorporate it with the Companies Registration Office and pay the fee for this operation. In order to register the company with the Companies Registration Office, our attorneys in Iran advise you on the documents that are requested. We also offer our services in regards to opening a company in Iran
•    time required: three days;
•    costs involved: IRR 375,000 (USD 12.3) for registration and IRR 40,000 (USD 1.32) for name search and booking.

3.    Publish an announcement for the company formation in the Official Gazette and a mass circulation newspaper.
•    time required: one day;
•    costs involved: IRR 140,000 (USD 4.6) for the Official Gazette, IRR 240,000 (USD 7.9) for the chosen newspaper.

4.    Notify the State Tax Affairs Organization about the beginning of the activities.
•    time required: one day;
•    costs involved: none.

5.   Register for V.A.T. with the State Tax Affairs Organization.
•    time required: two days;
•    costs involved: none.

6.   Reclaim the officially sealed books of account in maximum 30 days from the date of registration with the authorized vendor.
•    time required: one day;
•    costs involved: IRR 100,000 (USD 3.3).

7.   Carry out the share certificate stamp duty in maximum 60 days from the date of the registration of the company at the bank.
•    time required: one day;
•    costs involved: 0.2% of the per value of the subscribed share capital.

8.   Register the employees in the social security program at the Iranian Labor Department and acquire a workplace number. 
•    time required: one day;
•    costs involved: none.

Open a business, helped by lawyers in Iran

Our experienced team of lawyers in Iran offers advice on company registration in this country. In general, the government of Iran protects the legal rights of foreign companies that do business in Iran in the same way they do with the local companies. If you are interested in opening a company in this country, our law firm in Iran can guide you through the most important aspects of the legislation concerning Iranian company registration, company liquidation and all the other legal aspects concerning opening and conducting a business in this country. Please contact us for further information, we are glad to hear from you.